About Octofiber

As many other developments, Octofiber started from an annoying experience: every once in a while a 3D print process was ruthlessly stopped due to a very basic issue: filament entangling caused by intertwingled loose windings of filament when the filament was not attached to the printer. With the rise of improved packing for 3D printing filament, the opportunity was there to use the protective box not only during shipping but also during operation.

Our vision

We are certain that many aspects of 3D printing can be improved, and we choose the filament side. We foresee that 3D printing will end up in a million niche markets, impossible to describe, but certain here to stay. We are open to collaboration with anyone who has similar ideas and shares our enthusiasm for technology made easy.

Our mission

To bring smart, affordable and high quality filament products to everyone operating a 3D printer. And by doing so we hope to encourage innovations at our customers.

Stay connected

Do we have a common ground? Follow us on Twitter: @octofiber.