You may already have seen Google's 2015 yearly overview (if not, please check the video on the right). It is an impressive video, and we were more than happy as soon as we noticed that printed Octofiber material is part of it. It shows up just past 1m. (full video can be found at the bottom of this post)

Some background info on how this happened:

May this year we were contacted by Stephen Davies, a UK customer who was looking for material to use for his 3D printing plans. He was volunteering with his partner in crime Drew Murray within the e-Nable network ( which is an organisation aiming to give the world a helping hand, both literally and figurative. After a few emails being sent up and down we realised that this is one of the few really radical opportunities where 3D printing really makes a difference (sorry Yoda's, vases and Stanford bunnies ;) and declining support for this project was impossible.

Two months later we received an update: the breathtaking unboxing event of the freshly printed robo-hand by Isabella. The sheer joy and happiness didn't shook only our hearts, but apparently also the makers of "Google's year in Search 2015".

Fast forward to present day: Stephen and Drew now improved the design of the hand and launched Team Unlimbited.

We would like to invite you to also support this great initiative by clicking the link below, which brings you to a form where you can decide what amount you want to donate.

We are looking forward to 2016 and we hope to see similar movements happening. Please enjoy the upcoming Christmas period and we wish you all the best for 2016.

Warm regards,

the Octofiber Team