Octofiber Formi 3D


Fine cellulose fibers

Not only the newest thing on the market but also the most natural. This unique combination of fine cellulose fibers together with carefully selected additives brings printing with natural fiber composites to the next level. So yes, this product contains actual cellulose fibers. And no it’s not highly flammable. This product contains the best characteristics of fibers and plastic.


Natural look and feel

Due to these cellulose fibers this product can be post-processed just like wood. Whether you want to sand it down or paint it, all is possible. This brings the handcrafting right back into the 3D-printing world. An aesthetic, natural look is created by the cellulose fibers, as well as a natural feel to the material. This is great for the typical applications like, concept models for architecture, design and jewelry, gadgets, toys and figures.


Only the very best

These pure lignin free cellulose fibers create a very intriguing, matte surface texture. Improved adhesion to the print platform and extremely low shrinkage are characteristics of this material due to cellulose fiber content. High detail printing is therefore no problem at all. Unlike many other wood-plastic composite (WPC) materials in the market UPM Formi 3D works even with the smallest of nozzles.

Printing your own fiber

We have gone ahead too give you some options for you to print with this new cellulose material. If you have received a sample, you should really try out these pieces, they work great together with this new cellulose rich material. If you don’t have a sample yet you can print these small pieces anyway!

Printable Owl

Creating this wonderful wood like owl with Formi 3D will bring the backyard to your 3D-printer

Printable House

Print this house now that will look even more realistic because of the cellulose fiber filled material.

Flat Horse

Building your own 3D-puzzle horse that feels and acts like wood was never so easy! Find this horse as seen above here!

Additional information

UPM Formi 3D

For more information on UPMFormi 3D or its origin check out the UPM website here.